Beijing daily news (reporter Wu Wenzhi) with Suning organizational restructuring, yesterday, Beijing Suning official Huanshuai, Nanjing general manager Su Ningyuan Bian agricultural Beijing, instead of Hou Enlong served as general manager of Beijing Suning, Hou Enlong was transferred back to the headquarters, independent logistics company responsible person.

three years ago in Beijing Suning Suning "coaching is similar to that of parents," vice chairman Sun Weimin on the left hand side of coach, for the upcoming promotion back to headquarters veteran. This year is different, Beijing three years ago Hou Enlong has been transferred back to the headquarters to determine the. Sun Weimin bluntly, Beijing Suning executives from the restructuring of Suning headquarters restructuring. The former general manager of Beijing Suning Hou Enlong back to headquarters responsible for the formation of a new logistics company. The most distinctive feature of the transformation of Suning organizational structure is the establishment of a number of vertical professional companies, such as maternal and child products, supermarket goods, financial products, local life and other professional companies, they are relatively independent operations." Sun Weimin interpretation.

Suning this year in the field of electricity supplier promotional activities will also change the play. It is reported that Suning architecture set big operational headquarters, the headquarters of the chain business platform is responsible for offline stores, e-commerce business is also responsible for the line of, Li Bin served as head of. The operational headquarters responsible person Li Bin had reflection in Suning will last year "too concerned about the sales growth, although the increase in sales volume through a series of promotions, but is not satisfactory. Because through the low price promotion or a large number of ads to attract the target audience is not over, so this year Suning explicitly proposed not bubble type growth, but to subdivide the user, precision marketing.

for all branches and independent operation of the professional company, Suning does not put the number as an absolute assessment content, but more concerned about the future of customers and business." Sun Weimin stressed.

Strategic planning for Beijing

Bian farmers are also around the Internet and digital shop after desalination. Bian farmers said, Beijing Suning this year will accelerate O2O landing, and will use the mobile phone and household appliances datouzhen. Meanwhile, Suning stores in Beijing growth will slow down significantly, only to maintain a single digit, will focus on the transformation of the Internet inside and outside the five stores.

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