news in December 9th, after two months of stability after the trial operation, the Tencent super shopping website QQ online shopping ( announced that since at 0:00 on December 12, 2011 officially opened, and will spread nationwide in March next year. So far, the Tencent business platform for the industry to come out of time and again finally surfaced.

at the same time, in order to cooperate with the opening, in the period from December 12th to December 16th, QQ online shopping will launch a full 199 to send 300 "the total profit big promotion activities, which Guangdong area users can give priority to experience the audience free mail, express logistics and cash on delivery service.

billion Amazon model

According to Tencent

business related sources, since October 11th, QQ online shopping announced on-line trial operation, and no large-scale marketing, fast and easy, good music to buy, shop No. 1, Kelan diamond, V+, daily net six partners constantly running product experience but in the meantime, completed the optimization of 100 product characteristics and release.

this will be able to carry hundreds of billions of transactions of the shopping platform." Tencent electricity supplier responsible person briefed reporters, QQ online shopping is designed in accordance with this standard. To this end, the joint Tencent specialized technical team in Beijing, Shanghai and many other partners, in many aspects of product release, inventory, orders and logistics are synchronized to achieve the docking information synchronization and system with partners.

The reporter saw in the

QQ online shopping, complete the docking system, each commodity on the QQ online shopping, have been marked with a unique service label, this prompts the consumer goods inventory, whether to support cash on delivery, whether free shipping, probably a few days can arrival information, greatly shorten the time of consumer shopping decision the. During the trial operation, in the absence of any advertising promotion, QQ online shopping up to 30-40% of the rate of return is a preliminary confirmed the efficiency of this model.

looks at Tencent, this model is more like Amazon than Taobao Mall – by docking with the partner system, providing a unified service standards and shopping experience. For example, QQ online shopping does not have a store, consumers see directly is the commodity. Another example: a unified customer service phone 400, most of the goods support cash on delivery, guarantee the quality, delivery within 10 hours after receiving the order commitment, and commitment to the arrival time of the user, and the ten days no reason to return.

Tencent said, to build a unified and high standards of service for the next wave of e-commerce growth will mainly come from the quality assurance of merchant services and stable delivery experience, the commodity value of user groups. For example, white-collar workers in the city and the beginning of the parents of the user, as well as the growing number of online shopping pursuit of quality.

next step will be access to overseas B2C

in fact, the introduction of QQ online shopping is a key node in the benefits of China’s electricity supplier industry. Electric.

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