June 17th 0, Gome online officially opened the sword 618 big promotion, we rush to open a wave of electricity 50 percent off, 618 yuan cheap appliances struck, full of hundred thousand less on the basis of using "Gome Shenma", can be reduced up to 1200 yuan. At the same time, Gome online also heavy launch P2P to buy financial products 0 yuan to buy special activities, consumers can be 0 yuan apple, gold, household appliances, digital mobile phone 3C and other objects, maturity can interest, leading Internet financial new ways during 618, bring unexpected surprises.

0 yuan to buy Apple maturity interest

618 no matter how "business tear force", the ultimate beneficiaries or the majority of online shopping users, allowing users to get the most affordable electricity supplier, in order to get the best sales performance, become the 618 year-end promotion winners. 618, consumers buy P2P financial products online in the United States can get free big commodity, the wind swept the world apple mobile phone, the value of 6588 yuan Samsung’s new S6 Edge, 6599 of the value of the Samsung 55 inch 4K TV network, 6988 yuan worth of 610 liters of SIEMENS refrigerators, can also obtain the principal investment bank deposit at the same time in the same period of interest on a regular basis.

user login Gome online 0 yuan purchase page, P2P financial products choose to buy, pay the corresponding amount, hold period of 6 months, the purchase of P2P products after the full scale of 5 working days to interest, 6 months after the bank’s principal and interest on a regular basis. At the same time, Gome online will be two or more red coupons returned to the United States online user account, users only need to use a red ticket in 15 working days to complete the order, you can buy 0 yuan big commodity.

three financial products to help out 618 accelerated Internet Financial layout

Relevant responsible person said

Gome online, financial services as a core segment of the United States to create the financial aspects of the Internet, the United States and surplus treasure as the basis for financial services, the annual yield of 4% to 5.5%; the United States’ revenue rate is relatively high, about 6% to 8%; 12% to 15% P2P financial products investment Campbell is the highest annual rate of return of the explosive products, will release more credit for consumers to buy 618.

in addition, the United States is still online 618 big promotion period, released in 6 to raise public projects, covering smart hardware, luxury, culture and entertainment in three major areas of new projects that have the opportunity to get 1 yuan, 0.5 carat diamond campaign is very eye-catching. Users only need 1 yuan during the promotion period, that is, there is a chance to get fashionable digital products and luxury goods. In addition, the United States online financial products by the United States to provide a strong endorsement of shareholders, users do not need to worry about security issues, you can seize the opportunity to create the best financial wealth.

industry experts said, Gome online since the end of 2014 to May of this year a series of on-line America surplus treasure, beauty drafts, P2P financial products investment treasure and raise public business, accelerate the financial layout of the internet. User >

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