finished Du Lala Xu Jinglei’s fashion collocation is talented experience, while their fashion tastes will reach the peak of perfection. Not only is the mood joy in "bazaar" for the film magazine monograph, and accept the invitation to become an honorary editor of the magazine. According to informed sources sources: the recent old Xu hand to create the ultimate concept deserve to open "also will join the fashion website serves network, jointly launched a series of boutique fashion accessories collocation suite, and only in the show online exclusive sale.

is not only the entertainment as a "talented woman", Xu Jinglei or Chinese 200 million Internet users had the most High celebrity. Her Blog is the British "Guardian" named one of the world’s most influential blog, her "open" electronic magazine, there are one hundred thousand loyal readers of her handwritten calligraphy is included in the "static bud font download, in the PC on the Internet Microsoft is also dedicated to her custom an exclusive Msn chat robot. Recently on the Internet she personally led "Du Lala promotion" of various media reports swept, female artist, female director, businesswoman, fashion female editor, she is talented entertainment celebrity and the network economy with the most of a seamless heavenly robe.

from the "artist" to "director", "blog" and "business", Xu behind every transition grasped "successful" two words. Xu Jinglei’s open accessories brand in November 9, 2009 formally launched, jewelry design concept derived from the free, unfettered, play is the concept, how to play on how to play". At the beginning of the positioning in the network marketing, aimed at 18-30 years old, young fashion college students and white-collar women.

we noticed that as early as 09 years in June "major news Xu Taobao shop". It opened in Taobao, from accessories shop, and then choose low-key in garment B2C based VANCL (Eslite) platform trial, Xu business much industry attention. Fashion accessories to open it and ultimately to find a fashion of the seller, so from the beginning of December last year, "the ultimate concept of accessories have been plotting for their jewelry for a match temperament, consistent with the target audience extension platform.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center also learned that Xu Jinglei with the ultimate concept deserve to open into e-commerce, and eventually moved to the network serves, this is the domestic economy is the spread of fashion. Celebrity economy + network economy + Fashion economy will hand in hand through the winter, to meet the 2010 spring.

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