Tmall settled merchants were interviewed to respond:? Is peer organized rumors

[TechWeb] reported on April 29th news, according to media reports, the tax department interviewed Tmall shop ", Tmall denied on the official micro-blog. Tmall said, the State Administration of Taxation on the Tmall business has never released tax policy or notice this message for the electricity supplier counterparts organized rumors, the purpose is to attack Tmall. Currently, Tmall has reported.

media reported that a Tmall shop master week received a notice of inquiry from the Minhang District tax bureau of Shanghai City, due to the 2014 declaration stated above shop sales is relatively low, the existence of tax related doubts, so the store mainly accept tax authorities interviewed. Because according to the tax department said, his Tmall shop may have to pay about 1000000 yuan of tax. It is understood that part of Minhang District, Tmall, the owner of the shop has to provide tax documents to the tax department in Shanghai. However, when to pay, pay how much is still communication.

Tmall responded that some enterprises are counterparts to throw off a few blocks, because they do business sideline against peer into the industry, others, nothing Touzheyue is dangerous.

The relevant tax

electricity supplier, in January this year, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office announced the "People’s Republic of China tax administration law amendment bill (Draft)", clearly defined online transactions is liable to tax. In the last month, Tmall released a new rule settled, that is, Tmall investment standard adjustment announcement, with particular emphasis on the general taxpayer qualification". (Ming Yu)

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