October 17th news, the latest learned billion state power network, businesses reflect, from the beginning of the evening Wish merchant platform and be able to login. The billion state power network from Wish merchant platform’s official website to know, as of now, the business platform line still can not log in, the home page shows "Everything should be back to normal in a few minutes.



Wish merchant platform official website page

it is worth noting that this is not the first time this month, Wish class can not log in". Billion state power network to understand, in this month 7 days, Wish had a merchant platform and buyers were unable to log on the client, the seller has pointed out that the situation has lasted for several hours. At that time, the emergence of Wish merchant platform page, even with today’s evening Wish merchant platform to display the same page.

in October 8th, Wish then made an official response, said Wish business platform due to the technical details of the system upgrade is not handled well, resulting in a few hours of unstable state.


October 8th Wish response to the day before the accident

In addition to

, Wish platform due to the recent upgrade of the platform in a small bug, resulting in the original payment should be made in October 15th to show the payment in November 1st. The situation also makes a lot of Wish sellers for the Wish of the movement to generate reverie, there are sellers even pointed out that this is more or less with the previous Wish platform lending policy is not stable, the refund rules are not clear about.

this, Wish official deadline today to give a response, which means that Wish has not changed any payment policy, and that the follow-up work will strengthen the technical improvement and business communication. The problem will be resolved today, the platform will pay the merchant to return to the normal state of the display, merchants will be paid on time payment will not be subject to any delay.

in fact, Wish is not the only one of the business platform can not log in the case of electronic business platform. On the 12 day of this month, there are sellers of Amazon’s European site feedback seller can not log in the background, the seller Center: the seller platform temporarily unavailable. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Our technicians are working on solutions."

billion state power network to understand, from the beginning of September, cross-border electricity season officially arrived, including the next Halloween, black five and Christmas, are an important export electricity supplier promotional festival. In this time period, a few hours can not log merchant platform, or will have some impact on the part of the seller for the promotion season.

it is reported that Wish is

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