Ali pictures recently attracted a lot of attention, one is for bona privatised, Ali is one of the shareholders, the other is a joint investment paramount two Hollywood film, and these two messages are actually directly or indirectly on the internationalization of Ali pictures. Good returns last year "5" the dish, seems to make Ali pictures of the internationalization strategy of confidence.

last year "5" in the dish seems China market made 868 million at the box office so that paramount is very satisfied with the second half of this year, the two movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" and "Star Trek: beyond the stars" also chose to continue to cooperate with ALI pictures. In fact, the Chinese market every year, the introduction of the Hollywood film can have a basic estimate of the box office, the subject matter is good, fans of the film is a scarce resource. The company and the domestic Chinese get management right is not easy, not easy and Paramount Pictures of Ali established long-term relations will inevitably continue. Because both the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" or "Star Trek: beyond the stars", Ali pictures in the two movies will also get a generous return.

of course, if the Ali group is concerned, do not care into income from "5" in the 68 million 700 thousand dish to get global, but Ali pictures is an independent company, there are requirements for financial performance, and last year, Ali pictures accounted for revenue, and paramount movie box office is divided into global cooperation is still the focus of income in the short term one of the.

and paramount maintain stable cooperative relationship can bring some revenue is only one point only, more important is the aliying can borrow from successful partnership with paramount to attract the other five big Hollywood film company. Weakness in the film market of the United States, the outbreak of the China film market environment, including universal studios and Warner Bros., film companies have Chinese film and media companies and partnerships. For Ali pictures, a key step in the international film market to occupy a certain position is the internationalization strategy.

last August from the Ali group president Zhang Yu responsible for the internationalization has clearly put forward the three stages of Ali pictures internationalization development: first, making the investment internationalization film; secondly, to the world’s best film talent to go to the world for the audience; third, invite excellent films from around the world to participate in the movie making China.

now, the first step of Ali pictures has been taken, and cast into the way of obtaining a paramount global box office can do basic can not lose, the rest is also to participate in many other paramount outside the big Hollywood investment and production in the domestic market and the. Ali pictures investment ability, and the ability of China market, and Chinese market electricity supplier IP derivatives still have a certain appeal to the Hollywood film company. Especially for Ali pictures more prominent IP derived electricity supplier development ability than other domestic companies and, if Ali pictures in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" movie >

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