1, submit your website to the search engine, so your site has the greatest exposure rate, this is the most basic method.

2, the local forum to promote information, to build a more active users, multi point useful news or advertising, in the speech contains the signature of your site.

3, local QQ advertising promotion, pay attention to a degree, send some useful information, so that we all like your ad".

4, weekly email to your web site to send e-mail (E-mail Newsletter). Provide some information about the user’s interest in the message and link back to your site.

5, and a complementary site (but not a competitor) to exchange links (Link Exchange).

6, in some of the online trading market and online classified advertising information, increase your site exposure rate.

7, if you expect more exposure, you can pay for search engine marketing. When the browser with a fixed keyword search, there will be in the search engine site on your site’s text ads, of course, this requires a certain economic base.

8, in Baidu know, post bar and reply to some local information, which can greatly enhance the visibility of your site.

9, set up a website to your encyclopedia.

10, more than a number of external links, improve the weight of the search engine, but it must not be some junk links.

, welcomed the exchange of. Xinxiang information network (www.373xinxi.com) provides this manuscript.

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