Internet advertising sin

PC era, based on the search engine to carry out network marketing, as the mainstream of all kinds of small and medium enterprises to promote the way. Due to the network marketing emphasis on point of sale interaction, through various online advertising, through online dialogue, online purchase, online registration, etc., to obtain sales leads or results. Its essence is a sales oriented hard wide.


network marketing in the richly endowed by nature the advantages of advertising, in addition to the timeliness of interaction said above, to obtain sales leads, the threshold is low, click on the cheap price, advertising is controllable; precise positioning, users can filter invalid. More importantly, the free expansion of web pages and the hidden nature of Internet advertising.

in a landing page, you can use unlimited text and pictures, constantly repeating some marketing slogans. The length of traditional advertising is limited, the more content, the higher the cost. Coupled with the concealment of Internet advertising, no doubt for all kinds of false propaganda products provide the soil. Is not think of all kinds of health care products, diet pills, study abroad, gold futures, soccer gambling gaming? The dazzling visual color, LOW off the fangs and self copy, honor, and PS but did not dare to let a person look deliberately made qualification and honor, a small map is the best, this is fake


in fact, before the popularity of network marketing, there is a TV shopping. 99 dollars to send you the Swiss gold watch, all kinds of dazzling TV shopping, was also a major means of publicity fake. The characteristics of publicity and marketing is exactly the same, in the promotion of the purpose is very clear, continue to incite the user immediately picked up in the hands of the phone to buy, while the use of hunger marketing, propaganda will soon be sold. Finally give a gimmick, send welfare, charity charity activities, etc., so that people feel the sky fell pie, you can not afford to lose, but also can not buy fooled".

fake hardest hit, mainly in the medical, financial, education. One of the most serious is compliance with all kinds of beauty slimming body out of hospital medicine, to solve all kinds of weight loss, skin problems, health care products and skin care products of sub-health mainly; financial illegal soccer gambling gaming, with flourishes as a gimmick to attract the opening of gold futures account, transfer the user wealth through various illegal means; all kinds of illegal education institution education classes, including all kinds of training courses.

we concluded that the fake make full use of the precise positioning of the Internet advertising, advertising price is low, free scalability and online advertising regulatory difficulties, the success of the sale of fake targets.

but obviously, without the support of the brand, its conversion rate must be low, from Click to buy, about a few to a few thousandths. It can be judged that the fake must be profiteering.

in addition, the target population is often fake three or four line cities, as well as a second tier cities migrant workers. For the mainstream elite and the urban middle class, it is not the object

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