editor’s note: the author Chen Ke, 36 krypton authorized reprinted from WeChat, "talk about public architecture".

beaver home architect Chen Ke is a technology, millions of entrepreneurs in the prior to this, he worked in Zhejiang Telecom, Alibaba, HUAWEI, 58 city office development project and the architect position. In this article, the author will share some of the challenges and solutions he has joined the start-up company, including the following seven aspects:

1, project management issues;

2, business code problems;

3, product demand issues;

4, organizational coordination issues;

5, technical selection problems;

6, operation and maintenance aspects of the problem;

7, human problems.

suddenly thought of a word, if only life such as first, looking for the object, in the company is also the same.


joined a start-up company in you, always lofty, full of confidence, but the problem is always so suddenly, without a trace of preparedness, entrepreneurial companies did not even large companies in the honeymoon period, you will face a lot of problems.

is the first to bear the brunt of project management issues.

entrepreneurial team in the pursuit of the spirit of small fast mode, a lot of time at the expense of the scientific management of part of the project itself, such as project plan inverted, arbitrary changes in demand, random closed development work overtime, even the compression test duration.

of course, we are not to complain about the problem, but rather how to better solve it, I think as a qualified technician is a dare to sayno. Many problems are caused by fear of authority and over commitment.

In addition,

also need to respect science, pay attention to the project milestones, to prevent the occurrence of such things as the moon myth.

I think, regardless of overtime or cut demand or must abide by a principle that can not harm the interests of customers, many ways to work when we blindly pursue rough fast fierce, seems to do a lot of things, in fact, the result is just to cope with, Its loopholes appeared one after another., and ultimately hurt or customers, bad or you your


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