we all know Baidu, popular big China from south to north, from east to west.

      it can be said that young people, no wonder Wurenbuxiao.

      of course, Baidu’s traffic we also know. Believe that the site’s friends know. Your stand if Baidu receives good word, traffic is a get out of hand.

      everybody likes it. But good words who want. But the site is not a person you have. Everyone has. How to make Baidu on your word ranking.

      the following simple to say: (suitable for novice articles), old lake Mo throw bread to hit…..

      1 new registered domain name, after the start, put on the site program. Put the words you want on the site name. This is the most important for Baidu, Baidu keyword on this sensitive, put more will be K. Of course, Baidu generally do not look at the site keywords)

      2 site after good. Go to the Baidu help center. Domain name. Once is enough.

      3 submitted to the domain name after the date of the Baidu site: your domain name Baidu. Check your web site has not been included. If you do not search the page. Instructions are not included. Search to the page that has been included. Of course, Baidu’s new domain names are generally not too far.

      4 special keywords set. (Note: what is it what keywords. It’s someone who searches for the word. But the flow is not high, so that your station has the opportunity to rank to the home page. Popular keywords search. General new sites can not row home. Popular keywords will not need to do. Did not search

      5 Baidu generally pay attention to content page. It is best to let your station Title Keyword and content pages have the same keyword

      7 if the content page is too small. Proposed acquisition method. More or get some articles. This is equivalent to a large network, more fish. Not seeking big. Beg for more.

      8 attention update. Best original. If you stand every day will update dozens of articles or other content. Basically Baidu will scan once a day. If the original is a good chance to search the home / posted contents are generally in the back row.

      9 site must use a good >

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