many medical enterprises in the choice of cooperation will always ask such a question, I sent a medical soft Wen can let my words quickly row to Baidu home? At the Baidu home page shows? What is more to ask, can "screen"? And "threat" said, if you can not do that why should I invest in health care, the promotion of soft paper. A lot of soft paper publishing company in order to profit, blindly under a variety of commitments, the results lead to a variety of disputes. Small gold sons do not do any shame, similar to this "promise", gold only make every effort to do the best for consumers. At the same time, small series can not help questioning the release of medical soft really only for this? In addition, what are the medical soft enough attention to local needs.

many medical companies are always complaining about it in the Baidu home page ranking is not ideal, can not see. They will only complain about others can not do, but do not want to trace the reasons for thin. Xiao Bian believes that the success of the soft released from the three part of the enterprise, publishing companies, media, are indispensable. Enterprises to provide high quality original medical soft, specifically how to do not go; publishing company issued in a timely manner, to ensure successful release of the media itself; right important high reputation. If things go on like this, can certainly achieve many wishes, this is not empty. But the reality is not so, many enterprises do not pay attention to the original manuscript, on the East RASI together, although the day released dozens of hundreds of articles, the effect, at the same time, cheap, cheap but choose those website website weight is not high, the time is short, not Baidu search engine test often, there is a Baidu these media showing that the wind sways grass, even can not support, release media is a "package without thinking, to see the package included, rankings, otherwise not money" of the enterprise, a halo of mind immediately fall. Think of the above three as long as there is no way to do, why do you have to ask this question?.

secondly, the small series of novels, medical soft Wen release is not only concerned about ranking, ranking. Medical soft and many other advantages. 1 as its name implies, the medical soft release focus on promotion. Many medical companies do not know, because they do not promote the. Now only person mode is backward, the efficiency is too low. The newspapers, magazines, the price is too high, take a more popular network post, it is complex, high repetition, poor authority. The medical soft Wen release is based on the high authority of the media, congenital strong, if the quality of the article clearance, dissemination and reproduction can be imagined. 2 eliminate negative effects. A lot of medical enterprises because of improper disposal, or adversely affect Out of the mouth comes evil., in public, without the intervention will cause harm to the reputation of the enterprise. And timely selection of medical soft release, using the positive information publicity campaign, the negative information down, play an immediate effect, restore the corporate reputation among consumers. "Soft pressing", thus officially spread like wildfire. 3 high quality of the chain, it is now known that the construction of the chain is more difficult, especially in the medical industry bear the brunt

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