In the NATO air bombing of China’s embassy in Yugoslavia after the incident, the country was indignant, online quickly as the theme of the emergence of a large number of small sites or album. There is a collection of news, there are various analysis, comments, there is a collection of signatures, as well as provide attacks on the national site of NATO tools, resources, etc.. Do these sites (Album), there are regular ICP, there are a lot of personal site. In that particular situation, whether these are temporary naturally or half unconsciously, will bring considerable amount of access for its master.

What is the name of

these temporary site themes can range without any restrictions, as long as it is hot, attention can cause the audience attention is greatest. ChinaByte as a rooted in information technology, the Internet giant ICP, in 1998, has launched two temporary site at the time of hot events: 98 French football World Cup, " " the Titanic movie station, was a great success.

You don’t pay attention to

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