I just contact the valve industry, found that when modifying a ASP system of the station, the station will change too many things, and competitor templates are similar, so, metallurgy branch of Shandong Shanghai Valve Co. Ltd., "" the metallurgical valve key words make up there some difficulties: the same program, the same industry, the same target keywords, the same product, the mirror site Baidu is not very love, even if we launched, Baidu gives us website weight score is not high. Because the site of piracy and genuine site, new sites and old stations, there is a difference of

later on their own with different competitors website system design templates. Mainly is carries on the design to the website, to dream weaving system for programs, independent design templates, design of the station optimization, product content and add the corresponding debugging. The following is about my design ideas, the novice can learn, birds flew over it, ~~~~

first, according to their own ideas to find the appropriate template framework, in accordance with the framework of the enterprise product site optimization rules for debugging. The framework is good, but there are a lot of things need to be modified, because the template is not publicly released for free to go online, some complete and optimized the dream template, some people are sold on the Internet, so we just need to sketch its general framework, then according to my personal ideas to optimize the details set. First, to browse the entire template, see his corresponding template file which is his template programming code or HTML code, in the process, found that the template is the HTML code page, the page template needs its own debugging. Furthermore, the design is the directory (http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20120212/407708.shtml), the "product exhibition directory on the home page on the right section of the top position, because users to our website for the purpose of valve products to users, so we need to put the most needed things in the most important and the most prominent position, and then" on us "enterprise on the product, this need to solve the trust problem, our enterprises have what qualifications, although the product has passed, we believe that the user how to buy our products. We would like to think, if we are a small or individual enterprises, users consider the probability of our products will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the company profile should also be placed on the home page position, so that users trust us, we feel the integrity and strength. And, in order to achieve the aesthetic effect, what color the picture is called to achieve the visual effect, to guide the user to have the desire to buy, and the number of program products also have requirements to achieve neat blank requirements. Second, that is, contact us, users want to buy our products, we have to contact the home page. Third, the product classification. Just enter an industry, to make a clear understanding of its products, the name, and the classification of products. "

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