in twenty-first Century, the website has become the mainstream of society, the site does make a lot of money, but money more? Chinese there are millions of websites, a search engine in the first dozen to the first two pages, the traffic, but also is what word. In Chinese, many grassroots Adsense is rely on search engines to eat, competition is already large, not to mention the Chinese search engine giant Baidu to review the new requirements, but also a "interest", you do not have a good performance is certainly not the rank did not flow, then don’t talk about what money moreover, even if you have the word optimization well, he also has a Baidu promotion, he will spend money than your ranking, so a lot of traffic was robbed, that many novice webmaster worry, I spend money to do the space station to buy a domain name server, can not put the money back, my heart anxious. My customer is like this, I think it is easy to make money, always ask how can stand to make money, in the absence of the premise of the flow to sell advertising, etc.)

now for how to promote the website, let everyone understand, do stand easy, difficult to promote, do stand to make money, promotion difficult, do not have to front line to see the money, quality promotion and website.

soft Wen promotion

why is the first say soft Wen promotion? There is a reason, many grassroots webmaster novice do not know what is soft, soft Wen is soft advertising articles, not easy to be deleted, and can give your site to bring the flow of the article. For example, you write an article, clearly advertising, then you no matter where, where is not popular, not only to what people forum, website, it will not have what effect, people are tired, there is no effect.

"soft," this thing the promotion effect is flattered, but many people do not understand that no soft Wen promotion links, how to flow? I have also wondered, just when the stationmaster to find someone else to write text, others a hundreds of pieces, I want to write a soft Wen worth, hundreds of again, no link, that is not sent out to others site to increase the original article, in fact it is not so soft, you must have a prominent location, is easy for everyone to search the position, like the word "CPT L-carnitine official net" my station is ranked first in Baidu, I that "CPT L-carnitine official net" that you will be curious to search, so it is one of the more popular words, is a soft you, make everyone to look at the search, finally search Where to bring traffic to, I think I do not have to say.

"title party"

why do you say "title party"? We all know now very popular "group purchase website? They are the title of the party," a raffle to send IPAD ", is in fact you spend one yuan to draw, if you do not smoke in one yuan to refund your money in three days time. You must register the sweepstakes, thus, registered users increased, the effect is reached," group purchase "by the station itself is registered with.

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