every day to look at the webmaster website, published little, experience to a long. No more to comment on you, just silently learning, but learn today, traffic is a little poor, poor ah! Website is your child, but how to take care of also don’t take good care of him, I feel my heart is very uncomfortable.

these days look at the forum to promote more than ten kinds of methods, once to promote, spent thirty yuan to buy a full range of marketing, waiting for the arrival of IP, etc., but it is a disappointment. A few days ago just flow somewhat better, the two day was the Baidu K, our website from Baidu really have no way to survive? For you, the website to get traffic and there is no other way? Every night to sleep, thinking about how to increase website traffic. Do not know you are in the tens of thousands of Web site traffic? And to have a fixed monthly advertising revenue? I am today, I Speechless, my mood is very heavy, we are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of difficulties, fear is the way the work and fees.

you, the webmaster, I also do webmaster, a small grassroots, we step by step hard to move, I do not say how Baidu is not good, through discussion and the webmaster opportunity, I do not ask Tianjin, Baidu why not to send station. More to the website, the website exists to more users, while the station is not appropriate to pay, perhaps the famous people drive in n networks, we start a website together, together to make our site of the road, road and far, I will not water, not too much the technology, published all I just silently watching everyone you made comments on my language.

if you can stand with me, together to discuss the site traffic, to explore the development of the website, I will give you a deep gratitude, now Baidu every day can bring more than and 100 of the IP, is now a little bit are not, what should I do, we from Baidu, we can not move forward. If you have a good way, I will be sincere and you to learn and explore, with the development of the webmaster on the road, let us help each other.

now, currently used only forum, Post Bar promotion, there is Baidu know answer the question! Do not do other work, so that the site daily flow of less than one thousand IP, the station for half a year, one hundred did not earn! Every day to boil bulb like eyes, depressed ah!

webmaster brothers bitter ah! When can get a sweet. Our journey where every day at the site of the transaction, the mood is not always the same, want to have a lot, how to develop, how to develop! Is not willing to endure hardship, no energy to do, do not want to learn, not more, no more reason to complain about what we say. We have to go one step at a time, step by step forward, perhaps God treat everyone is fair, but we do not have a good grasp.

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