no longer sink in the first thank you for the support of Lin Lixiang’s network marketing blog. Continue to give you a month of actual combat so that customers continue to gain access to the customer, get the order of experience, we hope to do after the promotion of product type companies to help. This is a Jinhu Huapu Automation Instrument Co., Ltd tailor-made network marketing promotion plan.

products for enterprises to do the keyword is not enough. For a product company that has just entered the Internet, it is more important to establish their own brand, their products as much as possible on the Internet exposure. Website ranking is not the key, because the rankings are now very easy to change, when we are in SEO, ranking has not been able to stabilize the site to help customers continue to get orders. Product type enterprise is not the most critical to say how much traffic, the most critical is to get customers to get orders, the product sold out. The real order is the most needed for a product type enterprise. Then the high ranking, no order is no use. Below to share is that I give a comprehensive marketing plan of Jinhu Huapu Automation Instrument Co. Ltd. custom.

1 every day to release a word from two hundred to five hundred words related to the original or false original articles or articles related to the question of the article. Keywords with hyperlinks, bold keywords.

2 submit industry classification directory, catalog, navigation station, etc. The more the better.


submit B2B platform, enterprise Yellow pages. Submit 5~10 daily.

4 every day to build a blog, and in the blog published an introduction to your website product or product technology articles with links, with contact

5 daily collection of ten target customers E-MAIL

6 registered dozens of hundreds of forums, each forum registered dozens of accounts, the signature set up their own website. Published popular content, their top posts. Change Ma3 jia3, release the title of the controversial content. Good title is to promote the success or failure of the forum 100%. The forum here refers to the pan forum, including the message, the forum, post bar and so on where all the Internet users may gather.

7 plus an industry QQ group every day, every day to find 5 target customers QQ. Talk about your product

8 a day for a link, the home page for the end, for the inside page.

9 release recruitment information, widely recruit salesman or agent.

10 registered favorites, ten a day, you are the

website, etc.

simple analysis of the reasons for these practices.

first, a lot of people in the enterprise website to add the contents of the product after the product description, the general enterprise content is not updated. In fact, this approach is not good, the site is not updated for a long time it is easy to be a search engine as no one dead station management. Start a daily release

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