is a fickle animal, restless, anxious. Is there any way to change it? I think there is no better way than to go through some of the facts. More than a few times hit the wall, you will know: this road impassability.

a few days ago a friend asked me, "do you earn money from the media,"

I said: "there is no direct profit from the media, it is not the time. It is through the media to know a lot of friends, some friends indirectly pulled some of my business."

then he sent me a WeChat public account of his operation, is a IT news class from the media, operating for six months, fans more than 1 thousand, asked me if there is no good profit channel.

I have not been direct profit from the media, there is no groping, said bad profit channels.

, however, I think the problem is from another perspective, this perspective is: what kind of media value.

we all know that the value of the price decision, then, it is natural, the greater the value of the media from the profit opportunities, the higher the price naturally. So to be profitable, since the media must be valuable, today from the following points to talk about how to make the media valuable.

first, the scarcity of self

rare, if the media compared to do a product, put this product into the rare, the one and only, I only talk about value.

what is rare, it is from the "self media", refers to the view that his style of writing and so on, locution is his own, private, with strong individual color.

friend here has lost a large margin, although many of his IT news is written in their own, but the problem is that the news is the same, where you can see, and all kinds of mobile clients of the giants are pushing news, from this point of view, the scarcity of almost No. Unless there is a very talented talent, it is difficult to write the same news features distinctive news commentary.

can not find in other places, this is the core of the media, some of the things that we all know that there is no great feature, called the information release platform.

two, to whom?

the same article, to different groups of reading, will produce a different value. For example, an article on Internet products operation article, people may ride past, but industry insiders see, basically will pay attention to some of the information mentioned inside, there is a group of people pay attention to what is the value point.

here, that is, from the media positioning, in the final analysis, a word: you want to attract the attention of the group, the group read the article, will produce some kind of demand, a certain interest.

cite another example, micro-blog has a lot of jokes, pictures

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