wanted to borrow a website registered donations, one is I want to donate some money to improve the website by registered users, send some publicity, okay, immediately all curse came… A little better said: fake fake… And then to remind you not to be fooled, assertive directly ask when family members, then directly will I blow into the national crisis fiscal reactionaries, asked me where some people ask me why I do not directly donate money up? In his own name has donated 300… This is my personal motivation of patriotism, I now only provide a platform.

we can donate to the disaster area through the site of this platform… This is the patriotic motives of all netizens, QQ is also doing a platform for everyone to donate, text messages. Do you feel before the donation is patriotic, through other means make the affected people get donations is fuelling domestic reactionary forces, the network trust problem is always a big problem…… the website did not do any advertising alliance. Once you register, we donate 5 yuan to the disaster area. What’s wrong is a reasonable mode of propaganda?

website promotion and webmaster patriotism is not mixed together. Website promotion is our work

(needwho.com to guarantee the authenticity of the contribution of the authenticity (soft text part))

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