blog, probably around 2003 in the country and quickly pop, to 2007, swept the whole of china. Almost a night, everyone has Bo, Bo also endless. So, the blog to low why have so much charm?

first blog is a marketing platform, the current society, the most important thing is that naked, that is marketing their own to sell a good price. That is, to find a good job, so that their own blog in the field of industry access to visibility. In particular, do the network marketing industry, almost or large or small have their own blog.

The second is to give vent to their

, usually stuck emotions or thoughts out through the blog, because in the network, who also don’t know who you are. Essentially, it’s like a diary. The diary has a characteristic, is not to let friends see, or exposed the inside, but at the same time, also want to let other people to share their emotions, which is a contradiction in the mentality of the network blog can get the perfect solution.

third to make money, the year before last, there is a young girl of 20 years old, the way to write their own feelings in the blog to write, and later by the press fancy, making hundreds of thousands of. Laoxu blog IP tens of millions, the inside of the huge profits so small blog; put advertising, such as GGAD, is a very good source of income.

fourth study and exercise. There is no denying that if you are concerned about some of the industry’s blog every day, you can benefit a lot, absorb a lot of knowledge and experience. At the same time, if you can keep writing everyday, then you write your writing level can also improve a large class. Blogging is a great way to learn and exercise.

fifth promotion site and the chain. Through the blog to promote the site is a very mature and are also common behavior, especially Sina and QQ, which is filled with a lot of entertainment news or edge ball, the huge flow of and click. The SEOER almost everyone has a few or dozens of blog resources outside the chain.

blog, has become a fashion and means, if you have a few points on the purpose and role of the blog described above, it may wish to try to join the blog trend.

finally promoted to some blog. If it is IT class, the preferred donews. Academic professional category, is naturally, emotional entertainment, Sina and NetEase. The financial category, choice and.

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