do any media products are not easy, took great efforts to attract people to subscribe, but always see the unsubscribe message, let people disappointed.

people will unsubscribe without reason, perhaps people to provide content not satisfied? Or tired of the endless self promotion or advertising? Push mail frequency is too high? Perhaps not too clear reason, people just give it in the mailbox slimming.

if you really want to seek people to unsubscribe, ask yourself the following questions might avoid mistakes in these aspects.

1 is suitable for mobile device screen display and reading?

people’s mobile phone reading proportion is more and more large, more than 25% of the content is read through the phone screen. When you see the mailbox statistics, 40% hits from the results of the mobile client, you can also know the importance of mobile phone.

first check whether the contents of their own release push for mobile phone display. Many systems are displayed in the mail sender with open terminal and into the automatic adjustment of the program, but repeatedly verified in different operating system. To ensure that their messages in a variety of different equipment on the open platform, has strong readability, to improve the effectiveness of the mail is not bad.

2 is the right time to send


mail open ratio and the transmission time and the message content of the theme of industry is closely related to the sending time, different industries, the results may have a world of difference. Recommended to send between 2 and 5 p.m., of course, you can also do a AB separation test (A/B split test), to maintain the same conditions in other circumstances, to see which time period to open a high proportion.

a lot of people are used to lunch or commuting on the road to check the mail, the two time periods of the push efficiency is also good.

3 e-mail is the preferred way to contact customers


mail is not the only way, maybe you can also use other alternative ways to restore the user unsubscribe.

customers unsubscribe, provide other products options, such as social media, users may feel this way than more efficient mail.

in the confirmation unsubscribe message, with social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc.) of the links, it might be possible to use the last chance to retain a part of the user. The user’s idea is that you will never guess, who knows they will not be in the family after trying other contact information, back to the mail subscription


4 whether to leave an impression to the user?

users on the network are similar to the hundreds of thousands of e-mail subscriptions, perhaps they simply do not remember what your product, then why subscribe to the mail. For example, write "XX>"

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