Hello, I am the Vulcan, a video – Chairman Yan Jiehe’s "industry decide the future", feeling a lot! Understand a lot before are not very aware of the truth. I hope you have the time, taking the time to look at, will be on your mind, your pattern brings very big change! Before many do not understand something, are likely to be smoothly done or easily solved. First of all, very lucky in the collar A5 of graph king saw this a great video! While watching this video, understand a lot of truth, understand the Internet domain name CN for rectification, rectification, and rectification of

Chinese industrialization!

held the party’s Congress, the slogan is: to accelerate the development of


Sixteen Party of the Communist Party of China, the slogan is: fast and good!

the 17th CPC National Congress held, put forward the slogan is: good and fast!

may seem to us, in fact, there is not much change, just change a slogan! By President Yan Jiehe opinion, suddenly and completely understand the Internet, why do not care about personal webmaster’s voice, and reform so important! In the situation of our country is different from other countries in the economic Chinese! In the past 15 years, mainly rely on the industrial economy to improve! In the past Japan, East Asian Tigers’s reliance on industry later abandoned, seriously explained, only the development of a national industry with factors in industry, agriculture, business! Is the contrast, industrial pollution, industrial consumption out of the huge domestic resources! Consume non renewable resources huge.

this time we first from the macro policies of the state, look at our survival. Personal webmaster! No no macro micro, micro macro in front of it is not worth mentioning! After all countries to develop, will face a industry driven era, and now, in the American influence is caused by the financial crisis next, we understand that politics is so dark, this is also the history of the development of a country, it is a national, economic power, economic power, economic transformation process to the Empire! China is also facing this problem! Is time left in the industry with the industry! Leave us days will be more blue, the water will be clearer! The environment for future generations will be more beautiful


from the convening of the National Congress, the slogan is fast! The first control number on the premise of ensuring the quality, in the country to do subtraction, gradually give up some of the excess China has let the world manufacturing! Reasonable to do subtraction is to make our country more quality development! By doing subtraction, there will be a lot of the enterprise will go down! In President Yan Jiehe’s data: in the next five years, the mortality rate of small and medium-sized enterprises will have 99%


through the national policy, it is not the country does not care about the feelings of our owners, because it is the needs of the country! This is a stage that the country must experience!

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