SmartAsset: help you calculate to afford what kind of house


buy a car is the goal of many young people, but in what kind of room and car to buy the problem, not everyone can clearly give the answer. Due to the lack of financial habits and skills, people’s lack of understanding of their financial capacity, can only be based on the current income and deposit status of the approximate estimate. In order to solve this problem, the U.S. start-up company SmartAsset launched a personal finance platform.

SmartAsset can integrate the user’s various financial conditions, to develop a detailed plan to buy / buy a car. Users need to provide some personal information, including annual income, deposits, rent and other expenses, liabilities, credit rating and location. SmartAsset will be based on the calculation of affordable housing prices, as well as down payment and monthly amount. As shown below, an annual income of $100 thousand, and has $100 thousand in deposits of U.S. white-collar workers, to buy a $555 thousand house in San Francisco, down payment of $79 thousand, $2996 for the month, paid off in.

annual income of $100 thousand, you can buy a 555 thousand house in San Francisco


so, renting or buying it? SmartAsset gives the estimation results: if 30 years of rent, your net worth will reach $684 thousand; if you buy a house, this figure will reach $1 million 577 thousand, far higher than the former. Therefore, it is more appropriate to buy a house.

SmartAsset is not to provide a bunch of complex data, it hopes to help you understand what kind of financial plan more reasonable


that is to say, SmartAsset wants to provide not just a few computing tools, but a set of personal financial evaluation services. It allows those who hit the number of consumers to be able to clearly see what they should make a decision: whether to buy a house, buy what kind of room, how much money per month, and whether it is worth.

SmartAsset, founder of CEO Michael · Calvin (Michael Carvin); the thought of the idea, from a house of his own experience. He wanted to find out whether it is worth buying, Internet search found, no one can give an answer based on rational numbers, everyone said "I bought a good aunt," and "don’t buy, my uncle was the pit miserable" or the like. Calvin has found some online mortgage calculator, but found that these tools are difficult to understand, and can only give a lot of data, can not give a clear answer. He wants to be

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