claiming to be in the eight network to increase awareness of the crime of crime of spreading pornographic materials

news (reporter Wang Qiushi) in order to increase their visibility of the user name, Jeong on their own often on the Internet through the eight links forwarded an obscene article, and attracted more than 30 thousand hits. Recently, Jeong due to the spread of pornographic materials, after a public hearing was sentenced to 6 months.

Zheng graduated from Beijing University later in Tongzhou District, a well-known real estate company as a business manager. In May last year, he in the name of vison in the Tongzhou District community website, eight network registered as a member. In July of the same year, Jeong accidentally found an obscene article online. Zheng himself, in order to give the user name "vison" in eight net increase in popularity, and many people in Tongzhou District know, he will increase the volume of business, this article copied and pasted into the "eight nets eight community". After identification by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the article belongs to the category of obscene articles. In addition, the Beijing Network Industry Association of electronic data forensic identification center for the eight network server identification, the article hits more than 3 times.

The process of trial

, Jeong pleaded guilty, repentance, and said that due to their own legal consciousness, mistakenly believe that the net paste "Huang Wen" is the most uncivilized behavior, did not expect such a big mistake.

After the court hearing that

, Jeong use the Internet to disseminate pornographic electronic information, is a serious case, his behavior constituted the crime of spreading obscene articles. After the verdict, Jeong said no appeal.

– the judge interpretation of

to attract 30 thousand hits is the sentencing key

The presiding judge

Longsheng told reporters, according to the "criminal law" and the two "on the handling of the use of the Internet, mobile communication terminal, voice platform production, copying, publishing, selling or spreading pornographic electronic information in criminal cases the specific application of the law interpretation of several issues" in the provisions of the standard of conviction, for the purpose of profit, using the Internet, mobile communication terminal production, copying, publishing, selling or spreading pornographic electronic information, the actual hits reached more than 10 thousand times; or not for profit for the purpose of dissemination of obscene electronic information, by clicking the number reached more than twenty thousand times, constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, can be in two years of imprisonment, or control. Jeong use the Internet to disseminate pornographic electronic information, click to reach more than 3 times, is a serious situation. Because Jeong good attitude, the discretion of the court to be given a lighter punishment.

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