renamed Chinese ( May 28th news, yesterday, Alipay this morning, Ctrip failure, paralysis, just now, 360 search also traced the same can not access the situation, the domestic several big websites is swollen? Users ridicule Alipay Alipay Alipay squat, squat, squatting finished squatting squatting Ctrip, Ctrip. Ctrip Ctrip squat, squat squat good search".


diagram: good search fault


in the address bar repeatedly test input 360 search official domain name, the web page is not a network connection error, is the "404 Not Found", even if successfully entered the search page, search for something in the search box, display more "I’m sorry, the server is busy".

is not clear in the end is why 360 found fault, as small series of release, 360 search has been able to properly access, but the 360 official on the fault has not been any response.

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