recently issued a letter to the Ministry of industry to take pictures and information on the site inspection notice, making the site became the focus of attention of the province’s Internet industry. Reporters learned yesterday from the relevant sources, at present our province Internet data center access providers are doing "photo background" and other preparatory work, expected in June 10th, the website pictures for the record will be officially implemented.

it is understood that, in accordance with the new provisions for web hosting, web site owners after being notified by the site responsible for the person carrying verification required original documents, materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The site sponsor shooting bareheaded color body, contains the site responsible person and the name of the unit in the photo background. Access to the site to confirm the person in charge of the company and the company’s name clearly visible after the photos will be retained, and the need to display the camera time mode. In addition, in the photo after the completion of the site sponsor and access providers must also fill in the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record, and the joint commitment to the authenticity of the information.

worthy of attention is that the owners can take pictures in the local IDC branch, to avoid part of the remote record.

China Internet Information Center statistics show that in 2009 the number of domain names for the province of 171045, the number of sites for the number of pages, the number of 429203093. Reporters learned that the province is about to implement the website photo filing system, mainly for the new website. As for what has been filed for the site, the province’s IDC access providers will conduct a comprehensive review of its website information.

The provincial capital of a

IDC access business told reporters, before the person in charge directly for the record to record in the Ministry website, this will lead to a lot of incomplete information website has been filed. In accordance with the new regulations, the province has filed a website, if the record is not complete, you need to fill in the phone, submit ID card scanning, etc.. IDC was asked to complete the verification information website has been filed at the end of September.

Internet industry in Anhui Province, said the website to take pictures for the record, from the source to prevent the emergence of false websites, help purify the province’s Internet industry. Anhui Yanhuang network deputy general manager Guan Peng said that at present the new website Yanhuang network system design has been finished taking pictures for the record, is currently being tested.

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