Interactive Encyclopedia, is an encyclopedia of the use of Wiki website, founded by Dr. Pan Haidong in 2005, is part of interactive online (Beijing) Technology Co., ltd.. Interactive Encyclopedia also developed an open source encyclopedia system —HDWiki encyclopedia station system, using PHP development, very suitable for Chinese people’s habits, and now there are tens of thousands of Wikipedia site using HDWiki encyclopedia. Today along with Su Peng into the Interactive Encyclopedia, to understand the Interactive Encyclopedia of the office environment.


Interactive Encyclopedia eye-catching LOGO


warmth and simplicity of the front, in the background of the beautiful woman especially dazzling


this is a visitor registration room, a festive atmosphere



interview room, many industry experts here on




a lot of trophies, here is a record of the growth of Interactive Encyclopedia of the company, the joy of success


use a variety of photo frames spell out the word "WIKI", you see it?


Interactive Encyclopedia currently has more than 100 employees, open office, like a big Internet company CEO, Dr. Pan Haidong and everyone in the office, the company’s employees are courteous and accessible, affectionately called "Korean"




you see on the wall opposite the cat riotous with colour? These are the Interactive Encyclopedia employees collective own painted, very talented.





a small lounge where employees can rest and have a good meal.



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