they just like me, bitcoin investors Wang Bing (a pseudonym) said. Wang Bing in 2013, bitcoin fell when the huge loss in January 5th this year, bitcoin plummeted again when he "turned over".

the Wang Bing mouth "them", is "bullish" bitcoin investors.

January 5, 2017, the domestic bitcoin prices hit a new high of nearly 9000 yuan after the rapid dive, less than 10 hours fell by about 30%.

bitcoin investors Zhang Xin (a pseudonym) in this round of losses when the loss of cash, has not suffered a small loss. Bullish investors suffered heavy losses, but bearish investors make big money.

bearish investors sent Wang Bing revealed that he in this round of the crash in the "short" profit more than 2 thousand (per unit of buying and selling price 2000 yuan), "the rich return".

generous returns, benefit from the presence of high leverage spot trading on the bitcoin platform, and the secret to carry out futures trading.


bitcoin plunged in the turn of life: after a lapse of 3 years by short earn

spot trading leverage up to 5 times

TechWeb learned that, in addition to the T+0 transaction, 7×24 hours trading, no price limit, trading mode, several major domestic bitcoin trading platform to carry out spot leverage trading patterns, bitcoin prices plummeted in January 5th this year, a few large platform leverage up to 5 times, open line in the vicinity of 110%.

some inexperienced investors tend to ignore the higher risk of forced liquidation when they pursue higher leverage: the higher the leverage, the smaller the space between the forced liquidation.

started in April last year investment bitcoin Zhang told TechWeb that he would add 5 times leverage in the domestic trading volume ranked a bitcoin trading platform before the three to buy bitcoin stock, the purchase price of up to 8700 yuan, the price is higher than the platform in January 5th 13 hit the historical price high of 8895 only 195 yuan yuan.

the same day after 13 o’clock, bitcoin prices began diving on the same day around 21 points fell to about $6000. During this period, there are a number of leveraged investors because of the inability to increase the principal forced liquidation.

Zhang new refused to disclose the amount of loss.

long-term investment bitcoin Wang Bing also added leverage, but unlike a new "look", Wang Bing "bearish": sell borrowed coins in the spot price high, buy low return.

in addition to his platform to borrow bitcoins, bitcoin spot short trading, but also play bitcoin futures, futures leverage higher.

secret bitcoin futures trading

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