March 20th news, the country’s largest and most influential P2P network lending industry portal net loan home announced that the site was subjected to human directed large scale hacker attacks. Attack traffic was up to 30G, which is the end of last year, all loans, good credit network, pat loans and other attacks by hackers P2P industry after another hacker behavior.

according to the net loan home security services provider to accelerate the music provided data show: this attack is a mixed DDoS attack and CC attack attack on the Synflood. The hackers in the net loan home contact, said he was in Laos, 6 digit employment. While other P2P net loan platform before the attack, the other is also known in foreign countries, does not rule out the same gang for.

net loan home coo Shi Pengfeng said, "this time suffered hacker attacks unprecedented power, these days directly involved in our defense work including a number of industry renowned security vendors."

he also believes that the traffic flow of the attack, the means of attack varied, judging from the characteristics and ability to be the top team in the country by the people involved in the attack. In addition to upgrading and protection technology, we also through legal channels, and has been involved in the investigation of Shanghai Guoan, the perpetrators will be punished." He said.

"We have teamed up with

net loan home on this attack ready, since its access to accelerate music, has been an effective defense, we have a very rich experience in DDoS attacks, the attack at the end of last year bitcoin industry, net loan industry, the vast majority of attack platform is the use of music to accelerate security." In an interview with reporters, accelerate music product manager Ximeng said.

is the home of the net loan for this hacker attack statement:

[statement] net loan home suffered malicious attacks statement

net loan home is the first Chinese P2P network lending industry is the largest and most influential portal, providing a full range of authoritative information industry, to build the industry’s most active open exchange community, is committed to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese P2P network lending industry.

net loan home has repeatedly open P2P net loan industry precedent, as first proposed a time weighted volume, loan concentration, full scale efficiency, net loan index, net loan rating and other professional indicators and research direction, the development status of these results to reflect the various dimensions of P2P net loan industry, effectively reduce the risk of lead because of the information asymmetry China net loan market, has played an effective role.

net loan home community as Chinese is currently the largest and most active industry exchange platform, neutrality, equality, openness and transparency since its inception has been adhering to, provides an efficient and professional industry focused exchange of information, discusses the collision platform for the majority of users.

since March 16, 2014, net loan official website home lasted for many days by hackers serious evil.

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