had written four articles on the community service O2O articles, each can receive a large number of industry participants feedback. The said some entrepreneurs play, that also is only the tip of the iceberg, the follow-up will introduce some other entrepreneurs play. This issue is talking about what giants are concerned about community service O2O in this area.

visit the recent Vanke Tencent, millet, Ma Jiajia in Vanke speech, and Feng Lun speak in Yabuli forum and other incidents have caused great shock and the real estate industry. In fact, you do not need to shake anything on the development of the real estate industry, the developers have long been thinking and action.

years ago, Wang Jianlin had said in an interview the domestic real estate enterprises have 15 years of golden period, this is the real estate industry consensus, before I just heard a senior Longhu told me this sentence. There is some truth in the Ma Jiajia said Vanke Real estate related to Internet thinking content, but because of her understanding of this industry is not enough depth, so that is not accurate enough.

is currently a number of real estate companies are planning to transform its property company, to build a long-term sustainable profitability of the sector. In the past 15 years after the end of the real estate gold, these real estate companies will lose the survival of the real profit, by that time the property service gains will become one of the main source of revenue for the company.

many consider the long-term real estate executives have already thought of this point, it should be regarded as one of the Internet impact on the real estate industry, Vanke visited millet, Tencent and other Internet companies, is to research how to use the Internet and the property service together, certainly not to the so-called Internet thinking to sell, because five years of community value-added services to open up wasteland period, it is difficult to receive the actual effect, and five years sales revenue will still be one of the main source of revenue, real estate companies are not so foolish as to.

From the

to the sales revenue to property based value-added services is a long process of development, not to cut the Gordian knot across the board can do. Now households don’t have community service willingness to pay, and the community is difficult to match the profits while really provide value-added services, if really do, no doubt, the blind worship of the thinking of the Internet real estate enterprises will be playing dead.

on the issue of non payment of property charges have long been thought that real estate companies, property costs can receive a few money? Longhu will have a free property fee, and then provide other community services to obtain revenue. However, there is no difficulty in collecting property fees, the first real estate companies have internal contradictions difficult to solve. The property sector who may not be so high consciousness, property service is a cost, fees charged property although not profitable, but at least you can guarantee no loss or less loss, now we should dispense with the costs of the property, the property sector how to live? So avoid property costs in the future is possible, but this is a step by step in the process of. Because you out of property charges the residents do not have.

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