September 10th, LETV holdings announced that Ding Lei was invited to join the music, as the music as a super car global vice chairman, executive director, China and vice chairman of the Asia Pacific region, and President of CEO, and also serves as senior vice president LETV holding.

ah, the layman thought this is the martial music NetEase also won the.

In fact,

‘s new music as vice president of the Ding Lei, is the vice president and general manager of the former SAIC GM Shanghai, he has 20 years of experience in the automotive industry dazzling. 2004 -2011, Shanghai GM in the six years in charge of Ding Lei, has won the national production and sales champion for the four time, an annual output of up to 1 million 30 thousand units from the station, a record sales of $140 billion, profit of about 20000000000. In August 2013, the Shanghai municipal government for a paper transfer order, the automotive industry has long been a veteran by taking deep turn Zheng, suddenly became Vice Mayor of Shanghai in Pudong New Area, in charge of the SASAC, the Commission by letter and commission.

But as

Cheng said: "I’m just a car, not a politician." Ding Lei took office less than two years, in June this year submitted an application for resignation, since then came a series of news that he will join Tesla, apple and other companies. The news is even called Ding Lei resign pending, Tesla immediately handed out an olive branch.

However, the traditional

automobile industry "strength", even to his music, not only to the people, but also brought investment, and project team. Have to say, Jia boss this is fabulous waving a sledgehammer.

and if careful observation is not difficult to find, as the music in these years can be described as digging people spare no effort, regardless of cost. Here, as in recent years according to the tiger sniffing business ownership, you do some sort of first.

those years, as the music has dug the corner


as the cause of new music as an example, it is known as the tiger sniffing, TV and millet in the R & D personnel on mutual poaching has reached a white hot degree. The flow of personnel between the two sides is not a single person, and the team. Music as the current technology to provide R & D shares, many of the other employees in the music, as well as the work of senior staff may not have such a generous treatment. Of course, here is not the tiger sniffing the inventory of a brick, but can be worthy of the pillars of company executives.

video site

tiger sniffing from the current source that has been transferred to the holding office as goofy. On the other, not shown in the figure, general manager of the National Center for channel sales Sohu 3G portal chief marketing officer Zhang Minhui, the founder of Xiao Tong LETV media ", led by the company as a whole, as LETV CMO, after adjustment, Zhang Minhui LETV Internet business group chief marketing officer.

famous music commentators Hao Fang is also in the music office, he was the star TV, Channel[V] director, "music time" editor, thermal media vice president, now LETV original program producer.

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