fast broadcast technology announced on the evening of 16 "to Nora user book: We Nirvana soon", said Nora has started business model transformation, will clean and vulgar content involving pirated content, close qvod server, stop the video on demand and energy-saving technology based on. Since the advent of the fast round the clock for the grass root provide spiritual food, now the artifact suddenly stopped, because I do not know whether to hide from the " net; 2014" special anti vice activities, or is it because of business transformation, Nora why shut down the server "/p>?


5 years ago, with the thunder of Shenzhen or Nora need to look up to the big brother.

by the end of 2011, Nora announced the week the number of active users has reached two hundred million, with the domestic video site Youku gangster draw approximately equal. According to Ai Rui’s statistics, in the first quarter of 2011, the number of people in the video broadcast on the average daily coverage of more than storm video, thunder and other veteran video player manufacturers to become the new boss.

is a IT people can probably say, "Nora is not used to play the * *?" but can play erotic content is the core secret Nora rapid rise? Nora wild growth path is Chinese Internet entrepreneurs out of the inevitable road siege giant


family secret

2007, Wang Xin two venture. He had founded a P2P technology company – Shenzhen stone Software Technology Co. Ltd., he still chose the popular video website in the field, but he did not follow the trend of video content, but his dazzling, erected video website solutions using P2P technology.

"be in full swing" to describe the 2007 video industry, not too much. The main short video sharing Youku, potatoes, players in the field of storm video; video download field and thunder. Although at that time the threshold of the video site has been very high, but still did not weaken the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs.

China has millions of small and medium-sized webmaster, what hot what they do. Wang Xin aim is to follow the trend to do a video station (popular talk about the movie station) of this group of long tail.

small owners do not have the financial resources like Youku, potatoes, like servers and bandwidth, but will not pay to buy genuine content, its revenue mainly by advertising. They want to have a set of solutions can be short, flat, fast to build a movie station, earn a quick money.

a movie station owner Wu Ming (a pseudonym) told the entrepreneur reporter, to build a movie station, first of all to find their own movie station system, such as MaxCMS or light, etc.. With them, to build a movie station is not complicated, an old man directly using ready-made templates, just a few hours to complete. These systems often come with a lot of film and television resources (usually in the form of links or seeds to save, the content of pornography and piracy >

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