according to the Washington Post, the world’s largest domain name registrar Godaddy on Wednesday announced that the company will stop at the China domain name registration business. The reason is that the Chinese government requires its customers to provide photos and other proof of identity. The company also announced that it would not seek to register CN domain name.

GoDaddy approved by the China Internet Information Center in 2005 to register domain names in china. The company has registered 27 thousand.Cn domain names. This figure is only a small part of China’s Web site. The.Cn domain name continues to be provided by other resellers. GoDaddy said China Internet Information Center at the end of last year changed the policy requirements,.Cn domain name registration institution will collect new and existing users photos, business identity and sign the registration form, and to provide this information to Chinese Internet information center.

GoDaddy said it contacted 1200 customers on the.Cn website, asking them to provide additional information and documents to provide the information to the China Internet information center. However, only about 20% of these documents are provided by customers. Jones (Godaddy consultant) said that the company is no longer registered new.Cn domain name. She didn’t say how much the business brought to the company.

Godaddy stressed that their behavior has nothing to do with the Google, Google issued a statement before they make a decision.

Network Solutions, another company that offers similar services, also said on Wednesday that it was also due to the same reason to stop processing Chinese Web sites in December last year.

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