looked at the news today, Sohu finally can not stand the pressure to yield to traffic, return to the embrace of the search. To the Baidu site:blog.sohu.com, appear " Baidu, find relevant web page about 4080000 " most of yesterday, that is, the number 16 included, it is estimated that these days will be a large number of. For some SEOER, the search as a high-profile portal network, is indeed a good place to increase the chain. Will continue to mainstream Sina, NetEase, becoming the mainstream blog.

QQ blocked space search, other professional stronger platform, the mainstream is not enough, the Sohu is opened, the brand is to do, to establish. But this is on the basis of their own traffic. Sohu as the second-class portal, although traffic is on the rise, but compared to Sina NetEase QQ, is in fact continue to widen the gap. A website, there is no traffic and customer base, it is nothing.

of course, Youku comparison exception, because tens of millions of monthly Youku bandwidth costs too much pressure, shielding Baidu, optimization of flow, for him to say nothing, after all, it has the broad user base, already need not to go for a promotion.

chain has been the most headache is the most proud of SEOER. Recently Sina blog is very strict audit, a violation or mass phenomenon, immediately deleted without mercy, some time ago accidentally sending time, results of a leakage were all sealed, including the main Bo own original hard for more than two months of losses. But also helpless, Sina high weight, the chain is preferred, other hard to maintain, the effect is very poor. This blog is a good news for SEOER. Hurry up and go to a place, especially in these days Baidu crazy included.

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