reporter Zhang Xianan Beijing reported

when foreign countries have been trying to gradually regulate bitcoin transactions through taxation, the domestic bitcoin trading is still a message of the wind.

March 27th, a central bank deadline for commercial banks and three party payment institutions to close the country’s 15 bitcoin exchange accounts in the bitcoin community triggered a shock.

China Times reporter at the same time to the central bank, a commercial bank and bitcoin exchange verification. As of press time, the central bank did not respond. Reply said that a commercial bank did not see the letter, there is no position on the regulatory policy stance. Several exchanges are being verified through a variety of channels to verify the news.

although the news has not been confirmed, the domestic bitcoin trading market has been in a few hours from the highest 3600 yuan fell to about $3300 in the afternoon, down more than 8%.

over the past twenty hours, the central bank has not taken to March 21st false news quickly clarify the action of market sentiment in March 28th was more pessimistic, while the central bank’s response to the "China Times" is still no news".

news does not distinguish true and false

as of press time reporter, the news is still not true or false.

at 7:49 on the morning of March 27th, a media known as WeChat, the central bank has been in the middle of March to the branch issued a "notice on Further Strengthening the" bitcoin risk prevention work, requiring commercial banks and third party payment agencies to close all accounts 15 domestic bitcoin trading platform in April 15th. Overdue closed, the central bank will be punished. At the same time, the association of payment and clearing association to continue to track the platform to change the means of recharge, and timely notification to the commercial bank.

this message as quickly as the water into the pan, "detonated" market.

in the early December of last year, the central bank had to interview form, third party payment institutions to provide payment and settlement services to stop bitcoin exchange. Since then, the exchange has been a bank account as a channel for exchange of funds.

generally by the customer will be transferred to the bank account of the exchange fund, and then by the customer service manual matching information, to its corresponding personal platform account recharge. RMB cash withdrawal on the contrary, the customer issued a directive, after verification by the exchange through the bank into a personal savings account. There are also allowed to allow customers or clients to get their cash to their office recharge, or through other channels to buy recharge code.

if the news is true, is tantamount to a fundamental solution. Once the exchange bank account is closed, it will mean that its funding channel was completely cut off. This message may lead to capital cliff fall, can not even run estimates. As the world’s largest trading market, the impact of China’s market turmoil on the entire bitcoin SAR is also impossible to estimate the yuan

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