before the Spring Festival there is news, the way cattle net has finalized the investment bank, raising $100 million for IPO. News is not shocked the industry. Although the way cattle Network to the outside world remained relatively low-key, but the development speed is already known. 2006 was established in 2010 to nearly 400 million yuan in 2012, turnover of $2 billion. It is understood that in 2013 more than 3 billion. In fact, in 2013 September to promote the completed D round of financing of $60 million after the listing, way cattle Network has not much suspense.

holiday products temptation, so Ctrip, eLong, where to go, the same way the company has also been involved. But at that time the most capital, resources, brands and other strength will be a separate holiday products listed companies to come, not where to go, not elong, but ctrip. Unexpectedly Ctrip a nap, a tiger is about to go down".

as we have seen, until the end of 2013, Ctrip is silent, the open platform to start selling some traditional travel products. Want to ask Ctrip, is it too late to carry on?

Ctrip is a piece of cake ignored

first look at a few OTA companies, eLong is still mainly rely on hotels, air tickets sales, with Ctrip repeated contest. Although the same way network is also involved in holiday products, but the location is more inclined to travel around and attractions tickets business. Where just last year listed decisively denied ever do OTA, the current tourism products by importing external flows, tuniu has also become its supplier network, both now part of partnership.

is here, and the way cattle Network focuses on the analysis of the bright younger generation veteran OTA ctrip. Tuniu was founded in 2006 October, the earliest attractions around the content community, somewhat similar to the ant nest. But the drawbacks of the model does not exist transactions, can only rely on traditional advertising revenue realized, far away from the cash flow. In 2007, started to do online vacation reservations products in duright transformation. Plainly, the equivalent of the travel routes and other traditional travel products online distribution.

In fact,

2004 has been listed on the Nasdaq, Ctrip has also been doing a similar holiday products business, which is today’s "tourism", with the way the cattle business network today is parallel, and Ctrip Travel is now one of Ctrip’s four core businesses (respectively: air tickets, hotels, vacation, travel). When it comes to the core of the problem involved in the traditional travel agency business, Fan Min said in 2007: Ctrip will use more resources to focus on creating holiday products". But for a long time, Ctrip has been "crush" in the air ticket and hotel inextricably bogged down in the field.

compared to air tickets, hotel business, the reason why the early holiday products are ignored by Ctrip and other traditional OTA, with the standardization of the product, the degree of automation is not high, the gross margin is not so attractive there is a great relationship. Perhaps in Ctrip, eLong and other traditional OTA seems, do not understand with the pressure >

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