1 TV box was broadcasting "ban", is another way or to embrace the "win-win"

Misfortune may be an actual blessing. If the giants of the industry are able to set up the company’s television or radio or license side of the company, then the radio and television’s "magic spell" on the TV box into a market environment to effectively clean up. Not only to purify the industry atmosphere, but also to promote the rapid development of this industry.

recently, many users expressed a lot of live in the Tmall software box can not be used, even if the two installation manual restart is also of no avail. In this regard, Tmall’s response is to comply with the provisions of the State Administration of radio and the relevant departments, in November 15th before the upgrade of the system, and after the upgrade effect is blocked 81 illegal third party application broadcasting announced.

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TV box was broadcasting "ban", is another way or to embrace the "win-win"  

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2 Hunan investigate WeChat MLM case involving more than 1 thousand people in  

recently, Hunan City, Changsha industrial and commercial departments to investigate and deal with the case of WeChat mlm. After investigation, the companies involved in the organization of the WeChat team to carry out hierarchical marketing process, take the team paid way to sell the products of the company, the more than 1 thousand people involved in this MLM "circle of friends", involving millions of yuan amount. Currently, the business sector has asked the company to immediately stop the illegal act and impose a fine of 500 thousand yuan.

it is understood that the end of February this year, the company launched WeChat marketing platform, sales of Maca, liquor, wine, tea, mask and other products. The provisions to promote policies and joining mode, the individual purchase of 398 yuan tea mask or not less than 398 yuan of other products, the company has become a personal ID derivative. By way of sharing links in the circle of friends, according to the 1 development of the fission of the way to the development of the so-called "one branch", "two branches", "the three branches", "the 30 branch"". The higher level of micro business according to the direct subordinate sales performance 20% and indirect subordinate sales performance of 10% to get remuneration.

3 the Ministry of public security cracked 500 billion major online gambling gambling staff of nearly one million  

as a hidden and great harm to gambling activities, underground Liuhe color in recent years by the public security organs to crack down on. However, under the temptation of huge profits, some criminals turned to the network to continue gambling activities.

recently, the Ministry of public security cracked a large underground network gambling case, arrested more than 90 suspects, freezing bank >

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