· Alibaba’s success depends on technology rather than intuition

Alibaba listed, Ma once again created a myth, than the acquisition of YAHOO China also god. Ma Yun said in an interview, thanks to this era is the era of Ali listed. We all know that ma do not understand technology, but Ma is able to make a Internet Co play in their own hands, and to achieve the listing, this is indeed a myth.

· flying and questioning in survival and ideal forest

at the beginning of the Internet industry in the increasingly tight pockets of wind generation, all scattered winter news. The winter from each of us to join this industry in the young entrepreneurs have far? In fireworks over the day, many have lofty ideals of "young people", a leave or transformation. Flaunty some concept of the Web2.0 site or a phone is a phone for living space. For example, in the tourism industry, the way cattle, from Web2.0 to sell share route. No cash on the day, bread is always far away, no bread, how many people can eat the concept of survival?…… How many followers watching the fireworks cleared, the idol or ideal, clear clear the fuzzy is fuzzy.

· SEO lecture: a gift for SEO beginners

big brother said let me do a lecture on the SEO Admin5 to tell you the truth, I have no confidence, because for SEO, I may know only some superficial, perhaps because the girls do SEO less because of it, so the big brother will find me, otherwise I can not in the multitude of strong SEO circles I hedeheneng to tell you SEO knowledge.


China webmaster eight bad habits

webmaster, this was originally a little glorious color words. Ready-made has been reduced to a person is not a title. There are many reasons, not too much analysis today. Today is a present China webmaster eight bad habits.

· Qi Ning: how to face down the right search engine (master reading)

recently this time due to the continuous presence of several customer sites, BAIDU was down, or even blocked. For these problems, I do not understand. These customers did not conduct malicious cheating, optimization is also very normal, what are the reasons for these problems? I BAIDU this phenomenon is analyzed. This issue is to stand on the SEO point of view, the main reason is the site itself. A site may be irrational because of the structure will be prone to similar problems. So how to improve your site on the weight of the search engine or how to solve the problem of the right to drop or stop? Today we will discuss this article with you.

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