webmaster network admin5.com4 1 pm news, Baidu also screened the domestic top three webmaster website ( ).



Baidu Shield station screenshot



Baidu shield webmaster web site admin5.com screenshot



Baidu shield off forum website screenshot


of this phenomenon, the webmaster network editor interviewed the first time the station said there could be a punk punk, these site outside the chain too much, and that this phenomenon is temporary, will not last too long time. Figure Admin5 Wang guess, probably because today is April Fool’s day, Google launched a pigeon bird, build copycat information network Baidu also little fool you webmaster, let more webmaster feel no pain Baidu Baidu search, Baidu the opportunity to cherish in.

use site command to query the site included, has been the majority of webmasters to determine whether the site is in line with the criteria for search engine preferences. Baidu on April Fool’s Day is so spoof, scare. As of press time, the above site Baidu site page has been included in the slow recovery.

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