the government takes on a simple page is a difficult task, the only one to achieve this task seems to be the British government in one station website

released earlier this year

April 16th, at a ceremony in London, the London Design Museum awarded the title of the annual design award, beating the other 99 in the construction, invention, automotive and other aspects of the design. This is the award for the first time in six years by a web site, further proof of this award is unusual.

then the net what


"we’ve integrated thousands of websites into a," said Ben, director of the UK government’s Digital Services Division, Terrett, in a video on the web site Dezeen. "An appointment should be as convenient as an appointment."

The use of the

government website is fundamentally different from that of the common web site, such as the technology blog. Terrett pointed out that the government website most people a year only then one or two times, so there is no need to design a dynamic, fresh interface – instead, the design goal is to make the user experience simple and stable. only one font and black and white color gradient and classic blue web links. There is no color Logo on the page, no blog content, there are not many pictures. "You shouldn’t say, ‘Wow, this website is very beautiful,’ Terrett said." you’re here to check the minimum wage."


Terrett described as an attempt to drive the design of to keep up with the pace of science and technology, new technology, such as Google glasses user interface has basically disappeared. "The majority of web design has not reached this level, we can see traces of image design," he said. "But the technology is improving, and we’re going to end up using it."

from the development of the British IT industry standards to the development of prime minister Cameron’s "famous" iPad applications, government design services to do a variety of things. They are quietly leading other governments that want to catch up with the pace of the digital age – in fact, they have put the code on GitHub. So in theory, every country or region or even a company can use the winning criteria. [eight ZZ via gizmodo]

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