depth report in January 4th, Baidu insiders confirmed yesterday, will be set up a new company by way of investment holdings, further involvement in the field of Internet video, the former 12580 President Gong Yu will serve as the new company’s CEO. There is further news that the new company has received $60 million of U.S. private equity investment plan in March on-line. There will be more follow-up releases this week.

previously, the media for Baidu to enter the online video industry has been a lot of analysis and speculation. At that time, many of the views that Baidu will choose to buy a home or a video site, the independent operation of the company’s form is indeed a surprise to many people.

Baidu video industry is just another example of unprecedented capital operation. Recently, CCTV set up a national network television, a wholly owned acquisition of cool cool 6, Youku refinancing and other events frequently triggered widespread concern inside and outside the industry.

IT commentator famous Keso said in the video industry good momentum of development period, Baidu has so much traffic, there is no reason to miss. Another comment that Baidu has been expanding its business diversification, and the latest dig video services will undoubtedly further enhance the liquidity flow.

five years trial video, "the three step"

actually, although Baidu in the field of video but its strategy will be overweeningly ambitious, step by step, a. In the past three years, Baidu has been fully involved in the video industry through a variety of ways.

years ago, and is closely related to the business of Baidu video client software is "under", Baidu provides video sharing service to users through the P2P client software, a decisive role on the market far more than its function of user experience and copyright.

, however, Baidu’s under it due to copyright risk, was forced to close the business. Until 2006 and Viacom cooperation, Baidu’s original video sharing service is the basic shape. At that time it was added to the Google plus YouTube.

however, compared with the fast and at that time, all kinds of professional video sites have emerged, Baidu’s video sharing business did not receive more attention.

early 2007, Baidu video search business line, when the collection of dozens of mainstream online video playback site video resources to build a huge video library. This business has played a Baidu search expertise, and to provide users with a one-stop convenient experience, the success of this business page advertising has also brought considerable revenue to Baidu. At that time, Baidu chose a few video sites as a priority partner.

and Baidu will be announced this week, the founder of the video site news, the industry is regarded as the third step in Baidu video business.

industry insiders believe that Baidu video business did not take the stride forward singing militant songs "disruptive innovation", but as a continuous improvement strategy. This allows Baidu to easily avoid video >

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