original title: personalized content recommendation engine Outbrain push self-service platform to bring more traffic to small and medium


Outbrain is a content recommendation engine company, the company for bloggers and news websites, provides a plug-in, the plug-in installed after the last blog articles and news will appear a score interface, the reader can score on the content of the article. At the same time, readers will also be able to see some of the personalized recommended reading.

The goal of

Outbrain is to use plug-ins to create a cross blog and cross site recommendation system. At present, the operation of the system is mainly the use of user collaboration, and then generate some recommendation algorithm. The Outbrain contents of the present way is a bit like Amazon, when you buy something in the Amazon, there will be a recommendation to say: "buy this product the customer also buy", Outbrain is similar, will prompt later in this article: "you may love", and then lists some articles.

see this, you may think that this thing and no search network "related articles" plug-in like, but in fact, please listen to me slowly for you. Outbrain has a feature that is very convenient to use, without registration, the user can be the article scoring. All ratings are anonymous and the data is stored in the user’s cookies. Outbrain co-founder and CEO Aaron · (Yaron Galai) in Calais; when introducing the product:

users every time a rating, our system will be a calculation, the similarity of each user and other users and interest coincidence. Since then, in the recommended content to you, and your similarity is relatively large proportion of users recommend content will be greater. Therefore, the more times you score, the more accurate we recommend, but the premise is that your score is true.

this way and the related articles plugin is different, because the relevant article plugin is recommended based on the content of the article. This way too brutal arbitrary, recommend something basic is Overgeneralization, the content is basically the same. We believe that this approach is obviously inappropriate. So, while others are doing the same content recommendation, what we do is related to your preferences rather than content related recommendations.

therefore, it can be said that Outbrain more emphasis on user participation, the higher the user participation, the higher the accuracy of the recommendation. At the same time, due to the participation of users, Outbrain recommendation is also more personalized, which is also a huge difference between the content of the article and related plug-ins.

you do not look down on such a content discovery platform Outbrain, its recommendation >

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