April 16, 2011, Sheraton Wuxi Wanda, a large conference room in playing the movie "the assassination of Hitler" fragments of the sound is wiped out, instead of the subtitle group, described by the community flow does not go on, forum management confusion and other issues to the funny scene Hitler stamp with rage. The participants from all over the country, from time to time to smile.

2008, the Alibaba’s acquisition of Ali cloud computing universal station software Phpwind, this meeting is designed for local community website provides Phpwind development team to host, almost every six months, local website entrepreneurs gathered here. These sites often have to name and place is compared to Changzhou long lane, Xiamen, Wuxi two small net net, Huizhou West Lake and the ganji.com, known to every family public comment, unknown.

, however, said, who said that only sitting in the style of the office, overlooking the national market IT entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial heroes? In the nest is not luxurious and even some shabby office, focusing on a city and even county-level city market, and strive to be "wiped out" the netizen is not simple, and their influence in the local has been enough to lord it over others.

portal IP address in order to grab remote push local information for users, vertical sites in gradually sinking from first-tier cities, last year’s hot group purchase website actively opened local stations, when they reach the target city, more or less will encounter localized community wrestling back.

in the end of March this year, a business forum, local community site "from Beijing Earth City Founder Lv Wei heard in Taiwan a guest say" no community media is not a good e-commerce, excited.

"we are not far away from this kind of website!" Lv Wei said that there has never been a kind of site, such as the localization of the community, the community, the media and e-commerce integration so compact. Lv Wei wants the city to be a national chain of local community portals, and all direct.

this course is very challenging, because the Hangzhou 19 Building, Xiamen fish as the representative of the "local leaders" have already started their own pace of acquisitions. An investor who declined to be named, said the country has begun to buy the site around the acquisition of these localized community sites.

war soon, smoke has started.

how to make money?

it was concluded that the establishment of local communities can be summarized as three times, that is, the end of the Internet bubble in 2002, 2005 Web2.0 and e-commerce boom in 2007. We had not the same, the earliest China Telecom "hotline", "information", a product of state-owned media Internet, also have their own to do a grassroots play, did not expect a few years after they blossom.

was born in 1982, positive for the webmaster preacher "missionary" who.

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