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Founder founder

Cui Xinglong 33

undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in Peking University, after graduation to work in the United States Google, Sina in 2008 to join.

venture together search is a comparison shopping guide website, it is not only to do more price.



project description

in the purchase of online shopping decisions affecting many conditions, the price is not always the most important factor. Google is a vertical search and is defined as the third party platform shopping guide website, compared to other vertical search engine, it launched commercial evaluation system to guide the review, deep information in addition to the price difference of various e-commerce sites, including service content, distribution status, reputation, it is important is a third party platform, which avoids the problem of unfair evaluation in. Search together with the current 3C products as the main, but also related to luxury, baby supplies, cosmetics.

Idea From

the idea came from

in the investigation report on the major electricity supplier team report and do their own, Cui Xinglong found that relying solely on price can not completely solve the problem of information reserve purchase decision, because there will be a large amount of information is asymmetric, such as the goods is not really, what kind of distribution needs time, where there are no commercial users the warehouse, in this process requires a large number of interactive behaviors. Cui Xinglong think this piece in the current market there is still a lot of gaps, so they have produced a search made more than the price of the shopping guide website.



all consumers with higher demand for online shopping information.



team a total of 24 people, of which 19 are responsible for technology, the other is to do the product of the, which includes a product director of the 5.

Market Potention

market opportunities

users need more information than price, and this information should be accurate and fair. In addition, the whole process of consumer online shopping can be divided into "what to buy and where to buy", the number of domestic electricity supplier shopping guide website is not in the minority, but the solution is mostly "what to buy", and search together focused on "where to buy", this piece also exists in the domestic large blank.

Business Model

business model

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