1 website hacked Xiamen extortion million is the boss behind the credit company CEO 

commercial site was attacked, the system paralyzed for more than 1 months, hackers blackmail 1 million. Network security police combined with more than and 10 public security departments, the police arrested him. Yesterday, the Xiamen police released together with the use of hacking attack sites and commercial implementation case of blackmail and impose exactions on the suspects will be arrested, and. The case is the first case of Fujian Province, the use of hacking techniques for the implementation of fraud DDOS net loan company case.

strange QQ ransomware million

"please join the VIP organization, if not, your company’s website will be closed. Now has four or five joined the organization, they are All is well." September 16th at 11 in the morning, Xiamen, a financial services company staff received a strange message sent to the QQ, the other requires the company to pay $500 thousand before the day of 12. The company ignored this message, to 12 noon, the company’s website is indeed suffering from DDOS traffic attacks and paralysis. The company is losing a lot of money because customers can’t access it. Subsequently, QQ also sent a message to increase the amount of extortion to 1 million yuan, and continued attacks. Our company is doing online lending platform, the other side has been attacked from 9 in the morning to the evening of 10, the business can not do." Company staff said.

After all, the

2 film shooter network YY download station also quietly closed?  

December 3rd news, following the closure of all stations after the same site YY download stations can not open!

according to the netizen said, yesterday YY download station can also open this morning, but do not know what reason can’t open! Do not know by everyone in the film "revive" impact! To press deadline still cannot open


Deng Ya Ping from the search had to leave immediately accused of 2 years lost the light of 2 billion  

sports Oscar "said the 2014 Laurence awards ceremony held in Malaysia, capital of Kuala Lumpur. Condolences on Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft crashed out of all of the victims, the Laurence awards cancelled a number of warm-up activities. But the Laurence prize or a Chinese face, she is the queen Deng Ya Ping table tennis. Recently, Deng Ya Ping took the helm of the crazy instant search failed, within two years of lost light 2 billion disappear without a trace. This time Deng Ya Ping as the 46 judges in the Chinese people to attend the award ceremony once again become the focus of attention. At the press conference, Deng Ya Ping smiles a lot of things to talk about, but is this smile has provoked a disaster. Many people accused Deng Ya Ping after the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed, but also smiling face in Malaysia.

on the day of the ceremony, Malaysia lowered to half, and the award ceremony was also shortened to 2 hours, in addition to Oscar, the actor.

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