below is the QQ chat record:

kofkof: I want to ask you to explain why I program in your company server station will be fully replicated, only two days before I put up the

: = =

kofkof: domain name is registered. I’m about to take up this time, is 9.4 registered

1, Gitzo />2,
3 website template, to give people the "theft" of

kofkof: template theft, I admit that this is possible, but some files are not embezzled, PHP file

kofkof: database has changed. FTP can also download it

kofkof: up to two or three days, he immediately knew the crack?

: if you know the Gitzo FTP password, of course you can download the database through the database management, account password to

kofkof: so that is my company FTP password safekeeping, take up was to go?

Gitzo: FTP password even if we do not know, this is our own custody

kofkof: in addition to FTP download, there is no other way to steal, you can guarantee that the company has no problem? Server no problem?

: Gitzo we can guarantee, not our own reasons, or server vulnerabilities, causing the site code leak (provided that the program is completely developed by you not previously leaked or to download, or use other companies to develop products)

kofkof: I used to be. I’m just tied to this domain name. I don’t believe that I have been built up the download, take to the domain name registration station. If it is a master, will not move on their own use of

kofkof: I hope you can come to a something people talk to me. Instead of customer service. If not, I can not help but have a little hype about it, but also about my fire station


: I tell you is our technical person in charge said

kofkof: okay. I know what you mean. It’s my responsibility, isn’t it?

the entire station is fully copied, I admit that there is another possibility, the PHP file is saved as?

even if he wrote it myself, so I just went on the two day he registered with the domain name to stand up

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