October 15th, according to Tencent and 360 slobber war, in the micro-blog Sohu micro-blog blog broke the news that Tencent really used in scanning the user privacy information and for online banking.

in addition, Sohu micro-blog bloggers have formed a "virtual court", to discuss the disputes of Tencent, 360.


Tencent by Sohu micro-blog users broke the user privacy profit figure

at the same time, the Sohu big IT community friends broke the news, Tencent through online banking to spy on user privacy, grasp the user’s credit card records, so as to cooperate with the bank for profit. At the same time, the users also said that QQ through the privacy of the user, for accurate customer advertising marketing.

September 27th, 360 companies issued a "360 privacy protector" software tools, and claimed that the software will be real-time monitoring and exposure of client software to spy on user computer privacy behavior, and points out that Tencent computer user privacy in the file on the first time, the Tencent issued a statement saying the protector is Tencent QQ on the safety function of misunderstanding.

October 14th, the Tencent announced formally charged 360 unfair competition, the Qihoo and its affiliates to stop infringement, a public apology and compensation. The court has accepted the case. On the same day, 360 released "on the three point response" Tencent sued, said the Tencent will send false news slander 360 jurisprudence, and blocked 360 privacy protection download address, counterclaim.

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