Beijing News (reporter Zhang Tailing An Ying) the use of software to grab votes "Migou" circle ticket high resale 1777, 1 million 400 thousand yuan of illegal profits, yesterday, the reporter from the railway police was informed that the use of a large number of tickets in software to grab votes increase reselling criminal gangs have been uncovered, arrested 25 suspects.

refund 224 thousand cited police attention

Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of railways, recently, a large number of tickets on the site to focus on the phenomenon of abnormal refund, the highest one day online refund 224 thousand. This situation immediately attracted the attention of the police.

Urumqi Railway Public Security Bureau yesterday, found that the network police recently seized in the scalping case, a number of gangs are buying "scalping dog" from the Internet software to grab votes, and use the software to grab votes to grab votes on the Internet after the fare reselling. According to the clues, the police were in Zhejiang, Hangzhou Guangdong Foshan will be produced and sold "Migou" software to grab votes Morse brothers control.

The Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Railways

also set up this task force, for the purchase and use of "dog" to grab votes through one by one to verify clues, investigation on high ticket scalping information one by one check.

According to

statistics, the gang has sold "Migou" software 1011, and use the "dog" software in 12306 booking information 3827, has verified the high scalping 1777, illegal profits more than 140 yuan. Involving 29 provinces nationwide.

lawyer said the software is not illegal to grab votes

"maybe he was the first one to grab all the software developers." Mo’s defense lawyer Li Xiujiao revealed in micro-blog, he was at 4 yesterday afternoon, the end of the railway station in Urumqi with the police detention center.

Li Xiujiao introduced, rob ticket software developers Mo produced plug-ins, his brother in the online sale of the software. The police found someone to buy software after reselling tickets. February 4th Momou on suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system, the crime of perjury by reselling tickets, catching, but prosecutors have not yet approved the arrest.

Li Xiujiao said the use of software to grab votes to grab votes and collect fees, and the previous Foshan couple purchasing tickets no difference.

railway police, the 25 suspects involved in the profit increase by selling train tickets, suspected of reselling tickets ticket crime.


encryption dog a few minutes to walk around the entire ticket

The use of "

" software dongle, just click the mouse, you can take all the tickets to the passenger train in a few minutes the inner ring.

according to Morse brothers explained, they have developed the primary, intermediate and advanced three versions of the "dog" software to grab votes, including senior version of "Migou" software to grab votes with automatic refund, make an appointment to grab votes to grab votes, successful reminder, SMS notification and other functions, especially the booking time and the 12306 time fine.

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