original title: the United States mission to buy physical class buy fierce buy network

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Shao Lanjie) in the buy site gradually marginalized merchandise category has gradually become the trend. Yesterday, vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen told Beijing Daily reporter confirmed that the United States has bought goods group purchase website fierce buy nets, the team will be fully integrated into the U.S. group and fierce buy network founder Zhang Zhiyong will serve as head of the U.S. mission network products.

Wang Huiwen said that the United States Mission Network fancy is to buy the network team, the acquisition is in the last month of time to determine. Fierce buy network on April 2010 on-line, located in the largest home textiles, clothing accessories, retail, cosmetics, toys, buy site. Fierce buy network home page shows fierce buy network will stop operating in July 1, 2013". According to Wang Huiwen revealed that the current group of U.S. merchandise category accounted for less than 5%. According to data released by the U.S. mission network, its June single month turnover of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, that is, the amount of commodity group buying transaction has exceeded $50 million. Wang Huiwen believes that the relative reduction in the relative price of goods category, but with the increase in the volume of transactions, the absolute number will become increasingly large, can not be ignored as part of. Before, the U.S. group net has said that in 2015 turnover reached 100 billion yuan, industry insiders speculated that the service life of the local growth space is limited, the U.S. mission network may be through the strengthening of the commodity group purchase to achieve one hundred billion yuan sales target.

in group purchase navigation site 800 founder Hu Chen, consumers have been commodity group purchase demand, at the same time, group purchase industry also needs to find a clear concept and Taobao segment to prepare for the listing, while O2O is the best placement. In contrast, although the domestic industry to buy the whole move towards the O2O, local life service as the focus, but the group has not been given to buy goods. Glutinous rice network launched earlier this year, its own commodity brand, glutinous rice preferred, and self logistics and distribution. Gaopeng commodities group purchase transactions have accounted for the total value of about 1/3. Gaopeng and CEO lin ning believes that the future increase in the commodity group purchase is very important.

Hu Chen believes that the collection of user needs, finishing order, then transferred to the third party manufacturers, commodity group purchase website asset light but high margin, as long as you find the high execution team, each group purchase website will do". According to him, the profit is generally about 20% of the merchandise category, higher than the life of the single digit margin. But Hu Chen also said, now special commodity group purchase websites rarely, "there is no clear positioning and packaging, users cannot be bigger, also facing attack dianping.com comprehensive large group purchase".

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