day before the entrepreneur community platform "Qing Lu" and Wu Xiaobo’s nine cultural and creative spirit of Chin Co. Ltd. jointly announced that the two sides signed the investment agreement has been completed.

Ba nine spirit is "Wu Xiaobo channel" series of new media project of the parent company, according to the agreement, the two sides reached a cooperation in the capital of several million dollars, nine will become the youth Lu Ba Ling shareholders. Lu Qing is the largest area of Shandong entrepreneurs contacts interaction and wisdom sharing platform, different from the online community, Qing Lu will pay more attention to the interactive value below the line. The Lujiang friends recommend, to realize the fission of the current youth Lu will aggregate a large number of outstanding domestic entrepreneurs, more than 300 outstanding entrepreneurs, more than 100 experts and scholars and senior financial media people involved.

nine new media president Li Ba Ling Qing Lu sword and founder Ma Cui

The core value of

green Lu will be the entrepreneur social and business knowledge service, mainly through the Qing Lu reading, Qing Lu, Lu Qing open class dry cargo school, products and benchmarking enterprise visits, and business services to provide connections to share similar values of entrepreneurs.

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